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Bass Fishing – Gear and Lures

Largemouth bass fishing continues to be one of the most popular outdoor activities in many places, and anglers just can’t seem to get enough of it.

Because bass are widespread and present a good challenge, more and more fishermen are drawn to it every single year. But because of some of these challenges, getting into this sport can sometimes be a little tricky.

For someone who is new to bass fishing, a great place to start is by getting familiar with all of the essential gear and tackle that you will need. Once you get the right stuff and learn how to properly use it, your bass fishing success will skyrocket!

Bass are a big, heavy, and clever fish that not only will take some skill to catch, but the right equipment. It is not uncommon to hook into a large bass only to lose it after several minutes of fighting. This type of fishing can be hard on your equipment, which is why you will need to be specific when choosing it.

Your bass fishing gear will need to be durable, resistant to corrosion, and able to withstand the weight and fight of the fish that you are targeting. You may even find yourself fighting bass out of thick grass or dense cover, which is even harder on your equipment.

No matter where you choose to fish or what you choose to fish with, preparation and planning are the keys to success. With enough experience, bass fishing can become second nature and reward you with some amazing catches as long as you don’t give up.

Basic Equipment

Fishing Rod

Big Bass Guide FL - Bass Fishing Pole

Your rod is one of the most important pieces of gear. It also has to work well with your chosen lure (more on lures later). It will also need to be sensitive enough to alert you when a fish is on the end of your line. It should also be stout enough to handle the average size of fish that you will be fighting.

For bass fishing, a medium to heavy power rod are great for bigger bass and for thick, dense cover. You will also want a fast action rod that is flexible and sensitive enough to recognize nibbles and bites, and will allow you to set a hook.

The type of rod you get also depends on personal preference. Casting rods can usually handle heavier lines and lures, making them a great choice for bigger bass. Spinning rods can offer better accuracy and allow you to fish harder to reach spots. Choose what best fits your style!

Fishing Reel

Fishing rod reels - Big Bass Guide FL

When it comes to fishing reels, there are a ton of different options. No matter what you decide to choose, however, you should remember one thing: it needs to provide the finesse to hook and land a big bass.

Reels are made from many materials, such as aluminum, graphite, and carbon composites. Aluminum is typically stronger, while graphite is much lighter and resists corrosion from things like saltwater. No matter what material you decide to use, just make sure it is a quality reel that is durable enough to suit your needs!

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Fishing Line

Bass anglers will typically use three different types of line: monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided. Braided lines are very popular because they do not stretch and have great strength and durability. Fluorocarbon lines are also a great choice because they are the hardest to see in water and are very abrasion-resistant.

Whatever type of line that you choose, make sure you get plenty of it as bass fishing often consists of long casts and running fish. It is also important to know your line’s poundage, or the weight of pressure it can withstand before breaking. For bass fishing, most anglers like to use at least an 8-pound test line and up.

Fishing Lures

Fishing Lures - Big Bass Guide FL

No other piece of bass fishing equipment has as many options as the lures. There are literally thousands of lures out on the market, and plenty of different shapes, styles, and colors. To catch the biggest bass, you will have to experiment with many in order to find what triggers the fish in your area to strike.

A popular bass lure choice is the plastic worm. These essentially look similar to a rigged worm with a shaky head and work very well. Whether the fishing is hot or slow, worms can be rigged a number of different ways and come in a wide variety of colors and shapes in order to find what the fish prefer.

Crankbaits are another popular option, and can be used in either shallow or deep water. Experimenting with the different depths and how fast or slow you retrieve your lure can often result in unexpected bites. This is one of my favorite methods of bass fishing and can help catch fish in heavily fished waters.

Another great choice would be a jig. Jigs are made to imitate a crawfish, bream or shad and usually come in a wide array of colors so that you can find one that works especially well in your area.

If you want to try some top water fishing, a walking bait can be very effective and “walk” on top of the water and imitate a struggling baitfish. This often results in explosive strikes and can make for some exciting fishing.

One of the most important things that you can do when choosing a bait is to find out what the local bass are already feeding on.

By imitating their food sources, you can ensure more strikes and in turn, catch more fish. Asking other anglers or visiting a local tackle shop can provide you with some more ideas and tips on what the fish in your area are biting on.


While this is in no way a complete list of everything you will need in order to start bass fishing, these are some of the most essential gear items that you will need to get started.

Once you have some of the basic equipment, don’t be afraid to get out to your local pond and start fishing! The more you fish and practice, the more you will learn and the more fish you will catch!

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